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Tips for applying make-up with lash extensions

You got lash extension!!! Yay!!! I’m sure you’ve read some horror stories about ladies wearing makeup with their extension and ruining them. I am going to give you a few do’s and donts when it comes to applying makeup with lash extensions.

The first step in good makeup application begins with a good facial primer and foundation. When applying primer or foundation sometimes we tend to get into a hurry. I recommend using a brush or beauty blender to keep your movements precise and away from your lashes.

The most terrifying part...eye makeup. If you’re like me you probably like to wear vibrant, shimmery eye makeup and with eye-shadows comes eye-shadow primer. Wearing a lot of eye makeup requires a lot of blending and heavy colors around the lashes. The oils in the this primer can also cause the glue to breakdown. Try to avoid touching your lashes with any brushes, tools or products; these can make the glue fragile or change the directions in laying. Invest in a lighted magnification mirrors! And...when it comes to eyeliner it can be...well...iffy. I personally suggest you not use eyeliner but if you choose to make sure its oil free.

NEVER use waterproof makeup around your lashes!

I hope these quick tips help you be able to enjoy wearing makeup while rocking your awesome lash extensions.

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